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At the intersection of art and commerce, the event business is one of passion. We love what we do. Our goal is to provide incredible locations and logistical support for artists, fans, and brands to express their ideas and bring their events to life.

We Connect With Fans And Customers

Our unique marketing assets and approach allow us to reach a diverse cross section of Metro Detroit and Michigan event attendees. We have significant digital and street marketing resources. We pride ourselves on our aggressive yet thoughtful marketing capabilities.

We Connect With The City and State Governments

With a long history of working with the State of Michigan, City of Detroit, and other Michigan communities we can streamline the process and simplify your event. We can help with all aspects of your event planning including; talent booking, liquor licensing, event permitting, risk management, event production and more. We have a broad and ever growing understanding of the Detroit and Michigan event market.

We Work With Local Artists, Bands, and Businesses

Along with national artists and brands, our team works on building and strengthening our connections to the Michigan music, art, culinary, and business communities. We strongly believe in supporting local brands and partnerships first.

We Specialize in Unique Locations

Our team dreams events. When we visit a new location we instinctually consider how it could be utilized for a live event. We are always exploring and looking for new opportunities. We pride ourselves on our ability to match an event to the perfect location.


Project Management

The Crofoot Presents is a full-service event planning company that specializes in visionary, immersive experiences in significant spaces. Our mission is to create events with imaginative twists, sophisticated designs and unparalleled event coordination and management.

Event Services
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